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Port Charges

UK Port Charges 2024

Please find below the port charges applicable for inventory-linked clearances: CDS Charge £2.75 & DTI Fee £2.95 also apply to all Ro-Ro Ferry Ports & Eurotunnel. 

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 14.44.12.png
  • Rates updated 11/01/2024 – If there are any further significant increases in these costs from the Port Authorities during 2024 these will be passed on

  • The EAM Green Energy Surcharges for 2024 for Felixstowe, Southampton London Gateway & Tilbury are also included in the above table

  • Felixstowe Ro/Ro Cargo Levy £5.00 (Unaccompanied Trailers Only)

  • Southampton PIC now includes £10 MSP Modal Shift charge (non-railed containers) this is refundable by DP World on provision of supporting proof of use of rail transport for inland delivery     

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