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Business after Brexit - A Guide to Trading in Goods with the European Union

Alinea Customs’ Business after Brexit - A Guide to Trading with the European Union 2021 report provides comprehensive insight and practical guidance across 20 core areas for cross-border traders in goods, drafted in response to frequently asked questions from Alinea Customs' clients. This guide is based upon Alinea Customs's experience in working with international traders, providing customs clearance, customs consulting, and customs training.

Business after Brexit reflects on the economic impact and opportunities brought about by the United Kingdom's exit from the EU, and provides insight into customs compliance with the EU - UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, and best practice, providing templates for commercial usage and insight into areas such as commercial contracts and managing currency exchange risk. 

Business after Brexit is the second edition of the same title, Alinea's first report on Business after Brexit was published in January 2020 alongside a preparatory checklist for traders. This second report examines six additional areas, Customs Classification, an area concerning trade tariffs based upon the harmonised schedule nomenclature, Customs Valuation, reflecting on the tax implications of cross border trade, and customs procedures, Excise Goods, outlining significant changes made between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and European excise movements, Freeports, providing insight into the new parameters of UK manufacturing capabilities, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Controls - an area which particularly impacts our current core client base in the FMCG sector, and relies upon adherence to the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, and Trading with Northern Ireland outlining technical insight into the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. Statistics are provided using the most recently available information published by the Office of National Statistics.

Business after Brexit was written and researched by Holly Jade O'Leary, Director and Co-Founder of Alinea Customs, with insight from fellow Director and Co-Founder, solicitor Geoff Caesar and Trevor Charsley, Senior Market Advisor at AFEX and currency forecaster at Bloomberg. Holly Jade O’Leary provides an overview of public policy and topical House of Lords debates, adjacent to technical information concerning customs compliance.


Geoff Caesar discusses the how United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union may impact commercial contracts, and how to prepare accordingly. Trevor Charsley provides commentary on foreign exchange rates.

To request services concerning customs regulations, and customs compliance bespoke to your commercial requirements, please send an email to to schedule a Teams or face-to-face meeting with our senior consultancy team.


Download Business After Brexit - A Guide to Trading with the European Union 2021 from following link. For support with your commercial consultancy requirements, please contact Alinea Customs by sending an email to


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