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Alinea Customs provides same-day clearance, out-of-hours support, T1 documents, and volume discounts for clients making regular shipments. Our trade clients are assigned an account manager, and provided with a direct line in order to facilitate efficient and professional cross-border practices, and receive ongoing support for any customs queries. 

In addition to working with trade clients, we provide a dedicated service for private vehicle importers, supporting  individuals with customs clearance and HM Revenue and Customs' NOVA registration. 

We have in-house legal expertise and, in addition to customs brokerage services, we provide consultancy in all areas of UK customs law and practice.

Alinea Customs has contacts across Port Health authorities, Border Control Posts, and government departments to facilitate areas such as sanitary and phytosanitary controls, submission of IUU catch certificate, and certificate of inspection for organic products, and PH28 quarantine release, and provide up to date information.​ We can also assist with associated border administration such as IPAFFS, and GVMS.

Engaging Alinea Customs as your customs broker is straightforward. Simply get in touch, and, once you have a representation agreement in place with us, we will be able to act as your agent for your UK customs and transit declarations and provide you with any other customs advice you may require.


Customs administration and consultancy



Our team of customs experts file import and export clearance to HMRC on behalf of your company

Customs clearance is required for all imports into the United Kingdom, and exports from the United Kingdom.

In order to act as your representative, Alinea is required by law to confirm authorization. To generate the agreement and open a customs clearance account we will request for you to send us the following:

  • Company Name

  • Registered business address

  • Companies House registration number

  • Country of Incorporation

  • EORI number

  • VAT Registration number

  • Business address

  • Anticipated weekly/monthly/annual declarations


Pre-notification required for all imports of products of animal origin and animal by-products

From 1st January 2022, all Products of Animal Origin (POAO) and Animal By-Products (ABP) consignments must be pre-notified on the Import of products, animals, food and feed system (IPAFFS), and all plants and plant products categorised as ‘regulated and notifiable’ will need to be pre-notified on either IPAFFS or the Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates PEACH system.


Alinea can act as your company's authorised representative to submit border control post notifications in advance of arrival, when we provide customs clearance.

In order to do so, please contact our team to arrange an agreement, and allocate the role of intermediary to Alinea Customs on IPAFFS, using your government gateway account.



Professional expertise in UK customs law and practice

Alinea are specialists in UK customs regulations and their relationship to international conventions established by the World Customs Organisation and the World Trade Organisation, and provide advisory on areas such as:


  • Tariff classification 

  • Customs valuation

  • Temporary admission

  • Inward processing

  • Outward processing

  • Freeports 

  • Incoterms® rules


Our senior team of customs experts assist companies in improving efficiency, and using established customs procedures and terms defined within international trade agreements aid supply chain mapping to reduce customs duty payable on the import of goods, and confirm compliance.


Inhouse training on UK compliance

Alinea has developed a training package which we deliver in-house to businesses seeking a practical grounding in UK customs procedures. Feedback from clients has been that this is exactly what they have needed to understand the customs processes they will need to comply with going forward.

Alinea Customs’ course, which is delivered by the company's  international trade and customs consultants, is the only one of its type available in the UK.

Taking approximately six hours to deliver (excluding breaks), the core package has been designed to be sufficiently concise to have minimal impact on your day-to-day business operations while being fully comprehensive, covering all practical aspects of UK customs compliance which you, as an importer or exporter, will need to be familiar with.


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