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Alinea Customs Debuts on Clutch with Five-Star Client Reviews

Cross-border transactions can be a huge headache for those who are just getting started or aren’t familiar with them at all. There are many clearances, rules, and regulations needed to follow, which most businesses don’t have time to study at all. Here at Alinea Customs, we provide efficient and effective solutions to that challenge. Based in the heart of London, United Kingdom, we are a custom brokerage that’s professionally trained to help clients import and export documents and transactions.

Our team offers different services including:

  • Direct and indirect representation

  • C88 administration

  • IPAFFS administration

  • T1

  • Quarantine Release via the Forestry Commission (PHF28) clearance

  • UK EORI and GVMS application on behalf of international clients

  • Consultancy across all areas of UK customs law and practice

As we further our team and help more clients, we are pleased to share with you our debut on Clutch, a B2B review and rating website. Just recently, two of our clients helped us get started on the platform and provided us with their testimonials.

Both reviews were comprehensively written by our clients, a finance director for a packaging materials distributor and an owner of a furniture company. Each feature five-star ratings across Clutch’s key metrics — the quality of services, project management and scheduling, costs, their willingness to refer us, and overall satisfaction. Take a closer look at these quotes pulled from our clients’ reviews.

“They understand individuality and are always available to support and advice. What is most impressive with Alinea Customs, there are no voicemails left unanswered or emails not responded to for days or phone calls not returned. They are as a customs agent should be LIVE AND REACTIVE.”

— Farhad Khan, Owner of Furniture Today Ltd

“They are very knowledgeable and helpful with regard to educating me and our suppliers. They respond quickly to any queries. As far as I'm aware, our submissions have been correct since we started working with them.”

— Finance Director, Packaging Materials Distributor

Aside from our exciting debut, we also found out that The Manifest, a business guide website, recently ranked Alinea Customs as one of the United Kingdom’s top 3PL companies this 2022! This honour would be possible without the trust of our incredible clients and the hard work of the entire team.

Thank you so much to our partners who helped us get started on the platform. We look forward to seeing what opportunities their reviews help open in the future.

Know more about what we can do for you! At Alinea Customs, we’re always ready to help. Contact us and one of our experts will happily walk you through our services.


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