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Information for hauliers on transporting goods under an ATA carnet from GB into the EU

ATA Carnets are international customs documents used for the suspension of duties where goods will be re-exported within a year.

Before leaving GB

If the trader arranges for the goods to move under the ATA Convention the driver must:

  • obtain the ATA Carnet document from the trader

  • take the goods and the ATA Carnet to the UK Border Force at a UK Office of Departure to get the Carnet stamped

  • as instructed by the trader, their agent or the logistics company controlling the movement

  • check with the trader that the safety and security EXS declaration requirements have been met for the movement – relevant safety and security ENS requirements must also be met for the country the goods are being moved to

Note: Ensure that the driver of the truck is either: listed explicitly in ‘Box B’ of the Carnet, or the Carnet is accompanied by a signed authorisation letter from one of the Carnet holders, indicating their permission for the driver to move the goods and sign ‘Box F’ on their behalf.

The driver should ensure that the front cover of the Carnet has been signed and completed correctly before departure.

At the EU border

The driver must present the ATA Carnet and ensure it is stamped by the EU customs authorities in line with the EU’s procedures.

After the EU border

If the movement is made under the ATA Convention, the driver should give the ATA Carnet to the recipient of the goods when they are delivered. This is so the ATA Carnet is available to return the items to their country of origin, if not transported back by the same outbound haulage company.

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