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Alinea Customs        Importing food and perishables into the UK from outside of the


Alinea Customs provide a guide to customs administration, border control posts, and export health certification.

Most consignments of animals and animal products imported from non-EU countries must be checked at a BCP. Contact the APHA Centre for International Trade Carlisle to find out if your consignment must be checked.

Finding the right BCP

Find a UK BCP that’s approved to check the animals or animal products in your shipment.


You must pay a fee to have your consignment checked at a BCP. See the BCP fees table or contact the BCP you plan to use for information on the fee you’ll be charged.

Export Health Certification

Importers should check if the CN code for their product is listed in Regulation 2019/2007 to find out if the POAO or animal by-products must be checked at a BCP.

You must use IPAFFS to notify the Great Britain BCP at least one working day before your consignment is due to arrive.

Export Health Certificates must be supplied for the following food groups:

  • meat, including fresh meat, meat products, minced meat, meat preparations, poultry meat, rabbit, farmed game meat and wild game meat - products must be accompanied by an Animal Health Certificate issued by an official veterinarian or local authority

  • eggs and egg products

  • milk and milk products

  • honey

  • gelatine and gelatine product

When your consignment arrives in the UK

When your consignment arrives, port operators may charge you to move it to the BCP. Official veterinarians or inspectors at the BCP will then check the consignment. This may include a physical check.

The result of the check will be recorded on IPAFFS and officials will give you a completed and validated CHED.

Leaving the BCP

You must not remove your consignment from the BCP or customs clearance area until official inspectors have completed and validated the CHED.

After your consignment leaves the BCP, you must:

  • make sure your consignment goes directly to the destination named on the CHED

  • make sure the original CHED goes with your consignment to its final destination

  • comply with any movement restrictions associated with your import

For further information please contact Alinea Customs.

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