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Importing Foods and Perishables into the UK

A Guide to Importing Food and Perishables into the UK

Alinea Customs specialises in customs clearance for food imports.

Our experienced and professional team handles all aspects of the administrative process on behalf of your company, ensuring compliance, at highly competitive rates.

Many clients have reported to us that it has taken them a long time to contact HMRC or the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and they are pointed to where they can find information, rather than receiving a comprehensive and direct answer to their query. The team at Alinea Customs provides expertise in UK customs compliance with the food and perishables sector, and advice on exporting to international markets as covered in Exporting Food and Perishables from the UK.

In this article, Alinea Customs provides a guide to:

For further information or to set up your customs clearance account and authorise Alinea Customs to handle IPAFFS administration on behalf of your company please contact our team:

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