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Exporting Food and Perishables from the UK

A guide to exporting food and perishables from the UK

Alinea Customs specialises in customs clearance across the food and perishables sector.

Our experienced and professional team handles all aspects of the administrative process on behalf of your company, ensuring compliance.

Since the 1st January 2021, the European Union have introduced strict regulatory compliance requirements for traders in food, agricultural, and animal by-products products exported from the UK.

Businesses that sell into Northern Ireland will have their certification funded by the UK government, however traders who sell into the European Union will have to pay a fee for licenses.

The new import controls introduce pre-notifications for goods arriving in the EU to be lodged via the Traces NT system.

In this article, Alinea Customs provides a guide to:

For further information or to set up your customs clearance account please contact our team:

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